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Pictures at the College June 28, 2011

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Today we went down to the college to let the kids run around and play. They have a lot of open grassy areas and some flowers so I thought I would try to get some good pictures. Here are a few of them


5 New Babies!! May 28, 2011

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Well, there are five new additions to the Brown household. At least there were for about thirty minutes, then Chris took them to the college. One of our ball pythons laid five eggs about two weeks ago. I was almost lucky enough to watch all the action, but the daddy snake decided to curl around the eggs and the mom every time I tried to look. I thought this protective behavior was odd because daddy snakes aren’t usually around when the eggs are laid. I figure he may just have been really aggravated since he was stuck in an enclosure with a laboring female. Anyway, we should have five little baby snakes in about forty or forty-five days. Any takers?? These snakes are really docile as long as they are handled occasionally.



Garden Time! May 14, 2011

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My kids are so darn cute 🙂 This is our little apartment garden. Complete with bell peppers, a tomato plant, and mothers day flowers. I know, pretty impressive right? I think we are going to add two more pots today with Thai Dragon Chili Peppers and something else. Any suggestions?


Little Mackenzie Noel May 13, 2011

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Well school is out for us college kids and I figure showing off my new little girl is a good way to start the summer. Mackenzie was born the afternoon April 14th. She was 9 pounds 4 ounces and just over 20 inches long.

Yeah, I look awesome after having a baby 🙂

Labor and delivery was certainly interesting this time. No big problems, just a few challenges. I say that because I think modern medicine took what would have been a life threatening issue a hundred years ago (probably less), and made it no big deal. Here are all the gory details:

I started having contractions at about 1am, which seems to be the time I always go into labor. The contractions weren’t evenly spaced or even all that strong so I decided to just lay on the couch and watch the clock. I figured I would go to the hospital when they started waking me up at even intervals. They kept coming irregularly, anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes. Then at about 6 I had five contractions that were all 3 minutes apart. So I went ‘Holy cow! I better go.’

When I got to the hospital the nurse checked me and said I was already 7 centimeters and my water was going to break any second. She was also certain that as soon as my water broke that the baby was gonna shoot right out. I told her to call the anesthetist because I didn’t want to have a baby without an epidural. She was awesome, she called him down and she got me ready for the epidural super quick. As I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his arrival I was watched the little screen that showed the intensity of my contractions. Even though I was at least 7 cm, I didn’t think my contractions didn’t hurt really bad yet.

After I got the epidural they called the doctor in and he broke my water. He said he’d be back in 15 minutes and I could push the baby out. Fifteen minutes later he was back, but oddly enough baby hadn’t even dropped (this often happens before labor even begins). They just said to wait a while and as soon as I felt pressure we would start pushing. Well, it never happened. I know I know, you’re thinking ‘Tiffany, you had an epidural of course you couldn’t feel anything.’ I tell you that epidurals are done very well. Even though you don’t feel pain you still feel pressure and you can still feel enough to push.

After a few hours we started pushing anyway. T’his whole time my contractions never came consistently. They even gave my potosin while I was pushing to try to get them to come more regularly. Most of my contractions were between 8 and 12 minutes apart. I didn’t push for very long before they realized that the baby was positioned funny. She was face up and brow first (brow first basically means that she is coming out eyes first). I did eventually get her out, but I had three nurses tell me it was a miracle I didn’t need a c-section. They said that if it was my first baby they wouldn’t even had my try pushing. Since it was my third, and I already knew how to push, they let my give it a go. This is why modern medicine is awesome. Most women with a baby that is brow first are unable to push out their baby, meaning that both of them would have died a hundred years ago. These days c-sections are so routine that we don’t even think of ‘brow first’ as a life threatening situation.

Of course, there are aftereffects to pushing a baby out in the most difficult manner possible. More bleeding than normal, and massive swelling are among them.

Now we have a beautiful baby girl and I am almost healed up. I can even work out again.


Wrestling July 19, 2010

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I tried to put Duncan in wrestling this last year. I say ‘tried’ because it didn’t work out so well. Duncan is an awesome kid but he isn’t the aggressive sort, which makes me wonder what in the world I was thinking. He did have some fun the first few practices.

Here are some pictures of the first day of practice when the little guys were learning how to do a double leg.

Duncan's first takedown

The first time Duncan was taken down

This is one of Duncan and his new wrestling shoes. Of course, as soon as I bought them he put them on and refused to practice ever again. Now we have a set of pristine, unused wrestling shoes in the closet. Anyone looking for some size elevens??


What Doesn’t Belong? June 4, 2010

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Can you see what’s out of place in this picture?? I kind of like finding this like this around the house. It makes me smile.


Hannah’s Hair June 2, 2010

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I’m so happy when school gets out each year! I finally get to have more time with Chris and the kids, and I have a chance to finally update my blog. I thought that I would start the summer by posting some pictures of little Hannah’s hair. Due to the unfortunate habit of pulling on her hair she gave herself a crazy mullet-like do, and I had to shave it off.

Here is Hannah with nice hair. She only had a small bald spot. All I had to do was a little comb-over action, and you would never know.

We tried putting hats on her… to no avail.

I also tried putting baby oil on her hair so it would be too slippery to grab. Let’s just say that having a baby run around with an oily head was not a good idea.

Here is a good one of the ever growing bald spot.

After everything we tried I felt the only way to break of the habit was to cut her hair short enough she couldn’t grab it anymore.

She didn’t look too happy, but she sure is cute. I think was actually taken about two weeks after the haircut. I’ve shaved her twice now (shorter the second time) and things are looking up. She doesn’t pull her hair out anymore and you’d never know the top of her head used to be bald.